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Valla is a highly versatile and flexible ranged damage dealer. Her strong points are her exceptional single-target damage and on-demand area of effect burst damage. However, her relative fragility makes her a high priority target for the enemy.

Tony Valla

This standard build provides superior area of effect damage and ease of use at the cost of single-target damage. As key Talents, Punishment and Arsenal allow you to reliably damage multiple enemies at once with Multishot.

This burst build provides superior single-target burst damage and Mercenary Camp control at the cost of sustained damage and being weaker against mobile Heroes. Key Hungering Arrow -related Talents allow you to frontload your damage to threaten isolated enemies. This specialised attack build provides superior sustained single-target damage at the cost of personal safety. Key Basic Attack-related Talents allow you to become a very threatening damage source, provided your teammates can protect you well.

Valla is at her best when something stands between her and her enemies.

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Large, Healthy Tanks are particularly desirable as they draw attention away from Valla, and often provide their own form of crowd control for potential follow-ups. Otherwise, anything that can protect Valla is also desirable. Shielding effects are particularly impactful due to her limited Health pool.

As a frail ranged AssassinValla tends to naturally struggle against other high damage Assassins who have the ability to effectively gap close past her Vault 's range or otherwise sneak up on her. With little in the way of self-peelingmake sure to stay near your Healer when possible against such Heroes, and make no bold attempts at outplaying your opponents.

As a well-rounded ranged AssassinValla is not particularly strong nor weak on many Maps. In general, it is better for her to remain accompanied while laning due to her relative frailty, something that should not be an issue for most Maps.

A special mention should be made for Battlefield of Eternity, however, where her Hungering Arrow build really shines. Note about the current Anomaly : Valla's playstyle is affected little by the Anomaly. It does provide her with more opportunities to damage any opposing Hero attempting to collect Experience Globes, but she should not attempt to collect her own by herself unless absolutely necessary, as it puts her in a vulnerable position.

Stay with your teammates.If you want the long version, link is in the original thread below. Timestamps are in the video description. It is inconsistent. The important breakpoint is 1. To reach this breakpoint for each weapon type, you need the following:. No attack speed roll on gear. No attack speed on gear.

Does work on single targets. May be wise to strafe weave at a slightly slower pace. Bug with using dual or triple generator setups while strafe weaving. Unfortunate as the setup is already a handful to play. This is NOT a one man effort! The video could have been condensed a bit further! Maybe make a video of this video of the original video! Even tho i dont like this set playstyle, im glad that someone took care of it for people who like it. Thanks so much to all the testers and special thanks to DioEX.

Thank you and all who contributed for the great effort! Am I correct in assuming the above attack speed setups involve attack speed on weapon?

valla single

Technically, yes, but the benefit would be minor as the chances of spawning additional primaries would be slim. You could go for the 2. Example - I can get to the 2. The total number of frames between strafe damage instances is the number that is important. Your Strafe FPA is only one half of this sum.

valla single

The other half is the number of frames it takes for your projectile to travel. As you weave in and out in a regular rift, there will be variance in the number of frames between damage instances.

I think if you do choose to go with the FPA mentioned, you also have to make a concerted effort throughout the rift to maintain a consistent distance between your target.

Or is it unlikely to benefit due to her not always being in range with the aura because you are speeding around so much? I generally dislike telling others what to do verbatim. This way, you can build your own GoD6 based on how you want to play. For that, a chart like the above would not work out.

I only highlighted it in the video to explain that it exist.

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You have to cube depth diggers and wear hunters wrath at all times unfortunately.How do you name someone for life? The pressure is quite heavy-handed, and the wandering mind pictures scenario after scenario of said name in action.

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Lorenzo Valla

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This couple made a huge impact on thousands of lives including mine. We live in a tiny house.Other Builds. Created January 15, It has strengths over the other two prominent Valla builds Hypercarry and Death Dealer in its independence from Hatred stacks and amount of burst damage. Hot Pursuit will do more for you in teamfights both return mana, Hot Pursuit gives movement speed as well. Take Puncturing Arrow for immortal race on Battlefield of Eternity and boosts to your mercenary camp clear.

Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with the initial impact of Hungering Arrow increases its damage by 5, up to a maximum of Reward: After gaining bonus damage, gain an additional 75 bonus damage and Hungering Arrow also bounces 1 additional time. This can instantly delete about half the roster at this point, and your kill potential only gets better down the line.

Valla is able to move and use Vault while strafing. Lasts for 4 seconds. Strafe: More overall DPS including single target, if you keep them as your closest enemy for the entire durationretains Hatred stacks.

Gloom if you're worried about getting deleted by big burst, otherwise Siphoning Arrow. Basic Attacks now grant 2 stacks of Hatred. There are no comments for this build.Lorenzo Valla c. In his Elegantiae linguae Latinaean advanced handbook of Latin language and style, he gave the humanist program some of its most trenchant and combative formulations, bringing the study of Latin to an unprecedented level.

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He made numerous contributions to classical scholarship. But he also used his vast knowledge of the classical languages and their literatures as a tool to criticize a wide range of ideas, theories, and established practices. He compared, for the first time, St. In his Repastinatio dialectice et philosophie Re-ploughing of Dialectic and Philosophyalso known as his Dialecticshe attacked scholastic-Aristotelian thought from an essentially linguistic point of view.

Valla did not have an easy life. Equipped with a sharp and polemical mind, an even sharper pen and a sense of self-importance verging on the pathological, he made many enemies throughout his life. Born in Rome in most likely to a family with ties to the papal curia, Valla as a young man was already in close contact with some major humanists working as papal secretaries such as Leonardo Bruni — and Poggio Bracciolini — Valla would later revise the dialogue and change the names of the interlocutors, but his Epicurean-Christian position remained the same.

Meanwhile he had moved to Pavia instimulated by his friend Panormita Antonio Beccadelli, — —with whom he was soon to quarrel—and had begun to teach rhetoric. He had to flee Pavia, however, in after having aroused the anger of the jurists. After some travelling, in Valla found employment at the court of Alfonso of Aragon —who was trying to capture Naples. Though complaining about the lack of time, books and fellow humanists, Valla was immensely productive in this phase of his career. In he finished the first version of his critique of scholastic philosophy.

Two years later he finished his Elegantiae linguae Latinaea manual for the correct use of Latin syntax and vocabulary, which became a bestseller throughout Europe. As a humanist in the court of a king who was fighting against the pope, Valla demonstrated that the Donation of Constantine, which had served the papacy to claim worldly power, was a forgery.

In the same years he composed a dialogue on free will and began working on his annotations to the standard Latin translation of the Bible, comparing it with the Greek text of the New Testament.

He also wrote a dialogue On the Profession of the Religious De professione religiosorumin which he attacked the vow of obedience and asceticism taken by members of religious orders. His enemies took advantage of the situation. In he made peace with the pope and became an apostolic scriptor scribeand later, ina papal secretary. In these years he revised some of his earlier works such as the Repastinatio and his notes on the New Testament, and translated Thucydides and Herodotus into Latin; his work on Thucydides, in particular, was to have an important impact on the study of this difficult Greek author.

Always an irascible man, he continued to engage in quarrels and exchanged a series of invectives with his arch-enemy Poggio. He died instill working on a second revision of his Repastinatio that is, the third version. He was buried in the Lateran. His philological approach was developed by subsequent generations of humanists, and found, arguably, its first systematic expression in the work of Angelo Poliziano — His Elegantiae was printed many times, either in the original or in one of its many adaptations and abridgments made by later scholars.

A copy of his annotations on the New Testament was found near Louvain by Erasmus ? In his Repastinatio dialectice et philosophiewhich is extant in three versions with slightly different titles, Valla attacks what he sees as the foundations of scholastic-Aristotelian philosophy and sets out to transform Aristotelian dialectic. His use of repastinatio indicates that he is setting out a program of reform rather than of destruction, in spite of his often aggressive and polemical tone. Book I is devoted mainly to metaphysics, but also contains chapters on natural philosophy and moral philosophy, as well a controversial chapter on the Trinity.

His main concern in the first book is to simplify the Aristotelian-scholastic apparatus. For Valla, the world consists of things, simply called res.

Hence, there are three basic categories: substance, quality, and action.

valla single

These three categories are the only ones Valla admits; the other Aristotelian categories of accidents such as place, time, relation and quantity can all be reduced to quality or action. From a grammatical point of view, qualities such as being a father, being in the classroom, or being six-feet tall all tell us something about how a particular man is qualified; and there is, consequently, no need to preserve the other Aristotelian categories.

Instead, his aim is to show that many terms traditionally placed in other categories, in fact, point to qualities or actions: linguistic usage loquendi consuetudo teaches us, for example, that quality is the overarching category.Now, with no people to call her own, her only allegiance is to her cause: to rid Sanctuary of the demonic filth corrupting its lands.

Valla is a well-rounded Assassin that's mobile and can deal high sustained damage. This section concerns content exclusive to Diablo universe. In the world of Sanctuary Demon Hunters are spoken of in whispers. They are as feared as the demons they hunt and for good measure.

Vallalike all demon hunters, walks a fine line between the tides of corruption from the enemies she faces and giving in to the sea of writhing hatred that fuels her quest to rid her world of the forces of Hell. The only thing that saves her is her incredible discipline that tempers all of her actions since answering the call of her order.

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Valla's story starts many years ago when she was a young child. She lived a quiet life in a small town in the Eastern Kingdoms with her parents and younger sister Halissa. Her life changed when a demon horde descended upon her community and butchered everyone.

Valla and her sister were the only two to survive the slaughter, her parents and everyone else she had ever known were mercilessly killed by the demons. Valla and Halissa ran into the forests surrounding her home for safety. Eventually the stress of narrowly surviving a demon attack, living like an animal in the woods and the constant fear that they would be discovered became too much for Halissa to handle and she snapped in the middle of a violent rain storm.

Valla chased after her sister to try and protect her. Valla tried desperately to save her, but the rain made her grip too slippery, the current was too strong. The last Valla ever saw of Halissa was her being taken by the river. Valla would soon be found by a band of Demon Hunters that were tracking the horde responsible for killing her village and thus began her life as one of their order.

It would take many years for her to temper her hatred with the discipline needed to face powerful demons. She would face a powerful demon called Valdraxxis who used her memories of her lost sister against her, but this only would serve to strengthen her resolve and allow her to finally realize her true potential as a Demon Hunter. Valla would later play an integral role in the saving of Sanctuary as she fought mercilessly against the Lords of Hell and she would eventually bring down the Prime Evil, Diablobefore he could destroy the High Heavens.

Her duty is not yet over though as Death itself has now come to challenge her Valla is a highly versatile and sustained Ranged Assassin who can whittle down the enemies with fast auto attacks. Hatred empowers Valla's Basic Attacks and increases her movement speed.

This allows her to put an extreme amount of pressure on anything within her Basic Attack range. Her fast base attack speed somewhat helps with this, however, stutter-stepping truly is the key to making the most out of Hatredand Valla as a whole. Her on-demand area of effect damage and poke allow her to reliably deal damage in all situations.

However, her relative fragility makes her a high priority target for the enemy. Valla and E.

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Sign In. From Heroes of the Storm Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Valla "I stand ready. Basic Attacks grant a stack of Hatred, up to Lasts 6 seconds.The video showed that when strafe pierce Valla and attacks enemy behind, you shoot addtional primary skills. Pierced strafe can hit enemy behind enemy, so it is natural to shoot additional generators.

According to someone on DH forum they are only clearing this high because of paragon. They seem to think the Valla weapon does not work with strafe. Yes, I saw that too. I also already did a video on this a few hours ago on the DH forums. We also know Calamity is broken and is really bad, but with enough paragon and keys, you can even slot spike traps on your bar and clear decent.

You can find this in the link below. Both insane paragon but the highest so far with God set was a Buriza DH. No increase in damage. This theory was really hard to replicate, but it has happened.

This has been proven in videos in clips from various streams, as well as my own. The same goes for Buriza.

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Buriza however has a higher base damage, and since attack speed has no effect on strafed generators, then technically a 2hxbox will naturally deal more damage if you wear it. Bringing extremely high paragon clears into the mix makes it a little wonky because usually those guys have enough keys to get a dream rift festering, missile dampening dragging, conduit, power pylons and Flavor of Time on those dream rifts really skew results as that becomes more important than the actual build you are running at that point.

If then, the high clear does not only explained by their high paragon. Unfortunately, none of those guys recorded their clears. As far as I know, the rank 1 clear from other classes will be the same. Who can reach rank 1 without those decent factors? Pylon does not appear without progression. If you cannot deal proper damage, it is impossible to clear high GR tier. Because HA pierces are uncapped, you can technically drag a single missile dampening yellow across an entire festering or battlefield and obliterate everything in it in mere seconds, again, regardless of weapon choice.

In my personal experience, i have not been able to replicate the same success as ive had using odyssey end. Evidence atm suggest that this guy probably could have cleared that same GR with any other weapon. That same guy cleared a on PTR with a different weapon variant. You are right, until we find out that it does something I will stick with the fortress, at least we know that does something. Is there anyone who tested it detail? GoD 4 set: Strafing against enemies will automatically shoot the last used primary skill.

Think of it this way… Folks are using Fortress Ballista which offers no increase in damage, only defense. Just a thought. Not sure if this is the case, or intended.

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